House Hold Bank Credit Card Bill Payment

The Household Bank was merged with HSBC and the latter provides a variety of cards to suit their customer needs. The banks also provide multiple options for its users to make their credit card payment.

Household Bank/ HSBC Credit Card Bill Pay Options

  • Personal Internet Banking: Credit card owners can use the Personal Internet banking option to make their credit card payments. For this, they will have to log in to their account and then click the “Transfers” button on the left navigation bar to schedule the bill payment.
  • Auto Payment: Customers can also schedule their online card payments in such a way that the bills are paid off regularly on a pre-scheduled date selected by the card holder.
  • Telephone: HSBC customers are assigned a Telephone Access Code. Clients can use this code as authentication during telephone banking to transfer money from their deposit account to their credit accounts. Users can call the US Customer Service Center at 888-385-8916
  • Branches: Finally, the user can also make their payments the old fashioned way- by going to a local branch. To identify a branch near you, visit the following webpage: